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Admin Evil Night2014-12-19 22:23:30
A user has reported that the following error has confronted them:
"ACK!! Somehow this user would end up perma-dead.. Not allowing DK to proceed! Notify admin and figure out why this would happen so that it can be fixed before DK can continue."

This occurs when you confront the dragon with less than 150HP. We are currently working to prevent this error occurring again, if you do receive it however send a petition and we will reset your max HP to allow you to continue enjoying the game.

Admin Evil Night2012-09-15 08:06:46
Hi all I have added a mod that allows users to view the status of any submitted petitions. You can access this function via a link in the Ye Olde Mail menu.

Reporting bugs
Admin Evil Night2012-07-28 03:35:25
If you run across a bug while playing the game filing a petition is appreciated. However sending another petition and a YoM 10 hours later does nothing more than clutter our petition system.

On all petitions it may take up to 24 just for a staff member to come online and see it, we apologise for any inconvenience.

In-game Rules
Mod Goku2012-04-13 18:38:50
Now that we are back up and running it is time to remind everyone of the rules.

1) No swearing is allowed. DB is opened to all ages which means there will be young ones playing.

2) No pornography.

3) No spamming. Spamming is considered to be posting links to other websites.

4) No harassment of any kind. If you are being harassed in a pm please click Report to Admin at the bottom of the pm and follow the instructions.

5) No self referrals to earn points for the Hunter Lodge. Anyone caught doing this will have their points removed. If you are caught a second time your characters will be deleted.

6) No staff impersonation. You will be banned right away if you impersonate any staff member. Consider this to be your only warning.

7) Have fun! :D

If any of the first four rules are broken by first time offenders, you will be given a warning. A second rule violation will result in a three day ban. A third violation will result in a permanent ban. These rules apply to everyone including the staff.

Admin Evil Night2012-04-09 08:56:32
As some of you have noticed the housing system is being replaced. If you had gold or gems stored in your house send in a petition and they will be returned to you.

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